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55th Reunion

Our 55th reunion was held November 8-9, 2019 with optional events on both sides. All events are non-smoking. Visit the members-only section to see who attend our 50th and who is 'lost'.


See our Reunion Schedule page for full, final details.

Visiting Ben Franklin High School

We were not able to visit the new school. The plan for our old school building (the historic Carrollton Courthouse) is to convert it to an assisted living facility. Our cafeterium and the 'annex' classrooms will meet the wrecking ball. We were able to visit the old school, hosted by the architect. We all loved reminiscing and hearing someone shout out the name of the teacher as we passed each classroom. What looks like damage in the photos was mostly by the architects as they assessed the structural elements. The huge beams under the courthouse floor were very impressive. We also got a glimpse of the old tin ornamental ceiling behind the more recent suspended ceiling.

Class Gift

See our giving page for details of our 55th reunion class gift. Or not. We didn't have one.

Searching for Missing Classmates

Richard Derbes and Meredith MacLeod Baranzano have continued their efforts to locate classmates. They have used commonly (and not so commonly) available Internet techniques to locate people and think they know where some of the missing reside. We wanted to make everyone aware of those in our class that are missing or somewhat missing. If you know how to contact any of them, please get in touch with them so that they know what is going on. If they want to know about the reunion, they should email Richard with current contact information. Those listed missing are not receiving any communication (snail mail or e-mail). Also, if you want to contact any other member of the class for whom you do not have contact info, email Richard and and he will forward that information back to you. The list of missing classmates is on our members page.


The Reunion Committee

Victor R. Farrugia, Class VP
Richard A. Derbes
Holton B. Shipman
Lynne Rothschild Stern
Ginny Doss Tuman


We look forward to seeing you all at our 60th Reunion in 2024!